Olympic National Park 
from Roman Khomlyak  3:26 minutes

Scenes of stunning landscapes shot in Washington State's amazing Olympic National Park.


Olympic National Park

Hoh Rain Forest
from Roman Khomlyak  5:52 minutes

Washington State is an amazingly green state with beautiful landscapes and National parks.

This huge rain forest is a stunning example of the beauty and diversity of one of its supreme treasures, Olympic National Park.

I’ve spent 2 nights in the city of Forks, Washington State, in order to capture the beauty of just this one region of the park.


​  Video Tours | The Olympic National Park

Never Have to Worry

from Digital Twigs

An Olympic National Park Adventure with Andrew Tomayko and Alex Diana


from More Than Just Parks  4:28 minutes

MTJP | OLYMPIC is a visually stunning journey through
Olympic National Park. This video is the culmination of a month spent backpacking through Olympic National Park. We chose Olympic as our first of the More Than Just Parks short films due to its incredible diversity.

It is unlike any park on the planet offering glacial mountain peaks, old-growth rainforests, and over seventy miles of wilderness coast - all within a day's drive.

Olympic National Park:

A River Rat Vacation!

(Episode 3)

from Jamie Higgins  12:33 minutes

Kate Wilkerson, Karla Vinnacombe and Jamie Higgins, mountain bike through the temperate rain forest along the Adventure Trail Section of the Olympic Discovery bike path. We also took a short hike along the glacial Lake Crescent. On their last day in Olympic, they hike up Hurricane Ridge trail to the top of Hurricane Hill where they see awesome mountain views and experience the sub-alpine mountains and meadows of Olympic National Park.

Olympic National Park:

A River Rat Vacation!

(Episode 2)

from Jamie Higgins  11:26 minutes

In this episode, river rats Karla Vinnacombe, Jame Higgins and Kate Wilkerson raft and hike the glacially fed Hoh River and Rainforest. They also paddle the Quileute River and hike along the beautiful coastline of Rialto Beach.

Highlights of the trip are eagles, beautiful mountain views, lush green forest and a herd of Roosevelt Elk crossing the river!

Olympic National Park:

A River Rat Vacation!

(Episode 1)

from Jamie Higgins  9:18 minutes   

In early August 2010, river rats Kate Wilkerson, Jamie Higgins and Karla Vinnacombe went to Olympic National Park. They paddled Freshwater Bay, Quileute River and the Hoh River. They also hiked and mountain biked. The scenery is spectacular and they saw lots of wildlife (eagles, seals, otters, etc.)

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