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Buffalo Kisses from


from Caroline Walker Evans

SEQUIM, Wash., March 10 (UPI) -- Visitors to The Olympic Game Farm captured video of a buffalo enthusiastically shoving its face into their car window to feed on scraps of bread.

"Driving through the Olympic Game Farm, feeding the animals and a buffalo gets a little too friendly," Evans wrote in the video's description. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals, provided they only give them whole grain bread.

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Star Photography
In the Field with Hudson Henry   

The Olympic Peninsula Stars
3:58 minutes

Hudson Henry has always wanted to photograph the stars on trips to the Olympic Peninsula. The sea stacks offer an “epic’ foreground to put in front of the Milky Way.

Free Diving  

Juan de Fuca Strait

from Bill Gross

Free Diving along the Strait of Juan de Fuca: Bachelor Rock, Salt Creek and a fresh water rinse at Lake Crescent after a brief stop on the Elwha River.

Wing Walking in the Clouds Above Sequim

from Brent Summer  4.27 minutes 

Amazing footage.  This adventure was shot in the skies of beautiful Sequim, Washington

Cycling to Neah Bay
from LRH (LDC)  9:42 minutes 

This short narrative is about my fall of 2013 six-day cycling “micro adventure”. The short journey brought me to some outstanding close-to-home places that I would have otherwise never have seen. 

The solo trip covered a figure of eight route following a variety of trails and roads (some of them abandoned) across the northwestern corner of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Port Angeles

Whale Watching
​From Island Adventures

Come see for yourself why Port Angeles is the Olympic Peninsula’s premier whale watching destination.

You have the opportunity to see five different types of whales. Minke, transient orca, resident orca, humpback, and gray whales all frequent the waters surrounding Port Angeles.

Hurricane Ridge Bike Ride
from Trojan

My friend, Brad, and I riding Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest near Port Angles, Washington. 17 Miles, approx 5400ft of elevation gain. Some of the best road surface I have ever ridden. Cars are friendly and the views are breathtaking.

If you want to do this ride I recommend you do the 'Ride The Hurricane'. The ride is in early August and they shut down the road to cars. The mountain belongs to the cyclist for the day.

Surfing on the North Washington Coast 
From jlcard  4:08 minutes

Great shots of surfing at a "secret"

(North Olympic Peninsula) beach on the washington coast.

Camping & Hiking on the Olympic Peninsula

from ET2media 

No Travel Plan visits the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Our trip includes a visit to Port Angeles and Sol Duc Hot Springs followed by a hiking excursion in the Elwa Valley.

We also travel to Cape Flattery Neah Bay. Then, we take a scenic byway to Hurricane Ridge where we enjoy an amazing view overlooking Port Angeles and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Sprint Boat Racing 

from Roswell Flight Test Crew

As guests of Wicked Racing, the Roswell Flight Test Crew attended the United States Sprint Boat Association national championship in Port Angeles, Wash., at the Extreme Sports Park.

Round One of the Underworld Cup

Port Angeles

from Kent Johnson

Before releasing a new bike suspension 

addition to the public, heavy testing is needed, so DVO heads up to Port Angeles, Washington for the Round One of the Underworld Cup.

Steelhead Fly Fishing 

Olympic Peninsula Washington

from Joey Macomber

Some beautiful shots from an annual steelhead fly fishing trip to Forks, Washington.

Winter Sports 

from GNU PRO

The "Gnu Girls" snowboard team tapped into some magic last March on the Olympic Peninsula. Mervin Manufacturing asked the team come out, build some boards and try to enjoy all the area has to offer in a few days. 

After helping to build their own split-boards, skateboards and surfboards the team had untracked Snow at Hurricane Ridge, top quality Surf, and a fun park to Skate in.. oh, and sunshine too.  

Kayaking & Rafting on the Olympic Peninsula
from Cameron Little

My summer, paddling around the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Included is the footage from the first descent of the rapid at the site of the lower Elwha dam at about 2600 cfs.