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The North Olympic Legislative Alliance is facilitated by the Clallam County EDC. The legislative priorities that are decided and lobbied for, are determined by the committee and through a transparent survey voting. 


The name of this entity shall be the North Olympic Legislative Alliance (NOLA). The “North Olympic” is defined as the geographic area represented by all of the Partners, currently limited to Clallam County.


Section 1: Definition of Charter
This Charter constitutes the code of rules adopted by the NOLA for the regulation and management of its affairs.

Section 2: Mission
The mission of the NOLA is to advance the economic development, business prosperity, and quality of life for the people of Clallam County and the North Olympic Peninsula region by providing input with a shared pu
rpose and unified voice to our elected representative and officials.

Section 3: Purpose
  The purpose of NOLA shall be:
   A) To provide a forum for the discussion and review of issues of interest to the North Olympic Peninsula on a region-wide basis;
   B) Promote the interests, desires, and needs of the people of Clallam County to government and elected representatives;
   C) Create clear and concise legislative advocacy to provide a unified community voice to our state and federal legislators and     

        governmental agencies.
  D) To be an advocate for our community as a whole in dealings with legislative, governmental and private entities upon those issues

        that the NOLA selects;
  E) To assist Partner Organizations desiring help with their legislative advocacy if they align with the NOLA priorities;e your paragraph



The work of the NOLA shall be carried out by NOLA Partners. Partners are advocates, leaders, contributors and stakeholders in our community. The NOLA is open to all interested community partners who agree to align organizational work with NOLA mission and goals. The organizational leadership will be by a Steering Committee of Legacy Partners (see Article IV).

Section 1: Types of Partners
​     A.) Legacy Partners: Shall consist of a representative or designated alternate of:

           • City of Sequim  • City of Port Angeles • City of Forks • Clallam County • Port of Port Angeles • Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe • Lower                Elwha Klallam Tribe • Makah Tribe • Hoh Tribe • Quileute Tribe • Olympic Medical Center • Peninsula College • Sequim School

            District • Port Angeles School District • Forks School District • Clallam County EDC • Clallam Transit System PTBA • Peninsula

            Regional Chamber of Commerce • Sequim Chamber of Commerce • Forks Chamber of Commerce • Port Angeles Business

            Association • Peninsula Behavioral Health • United Way • Olympic National Park • Timber Industry Representative • North

            Olympic Land Trust • Local Builders Association Representative • Local Auto Dealer Representative • Local Bank Representative •

            Local Real Estate Representative • Clallam Bay Chamber

The NOLA priorities may change over time, and so may the list of NOLA legacy partners. The NOLA goal is to represent the best interests of our community in each of the focus areas regardless of participation.

    B.) Associate Partners: Shall consist of individuals, non-profit organizations, other agencies or entities, businesses, and residents

          who share a common interest in the mission and goals of NOLA.

Section 2: Terms and Termination of Partnership

The NOLA has no terms for being a Partner. A Partner may terminate a partnership in writing at any time. If the designated representative of a Legacy Partner is unable to participate in a scheduled meeting, the Legacy Partner Organization shall designate an alternate who can participate. If the Legacy Partner organization does not wish to participate, the NOLA will remove the organization from the Legacy Partner list (see Article IV, Section 2(e).

Section 3: Organizational Guidelines

    A.) The NOLA shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian and shall take no part in nor lend its influence or resources, either directly or 

          indirectly, to the nomination, election, or appointment of any candidate for political office in city, county, state, or national

    B.) The NOLA will work to reach consensus (75% or greater) among NOLA partners that a policy, action or law of any level of

          government that impacts the business community of Clallam County should be the focus of NOLA action and communicate the

          results of the consensus to the public, government leaders, and elected representatives.
    C.) Participants in the NOLA shall not represent the interests of PAC’s, special interest groups, or organizations which have, or could

          be perceived as having, a lobbying function.
    D.) When issues arise that cannot easily be resolved by the NOLA partners, they agree to table the topic to a future date for     

          resolution. Resolution may include an establishment of a small taskforce of topic stakeholders to bring a recommendation to the

          full body.

Section 4: Principles of Participation
• The partnership is driven through expected involvement
• Employ strategic thinking with a forward-looking perspective
• Common sense for common good
• Consistently provide a clear and concise communication
• Respect participants equally and the work they do
• Be flexible, nimble and responsive to challenges and opportunities
• Prioritization in the context of a future vision and plan

Section 5: Meetings
The NOLA will establish a meeting schedule as detailed below. Additional meetings of each of the, Steering Committee, Focus Groups, NOLA may be called as necessary. Meetings may be held in person or through teleconference.
• NOLA Partner Meetings: Minimum twice per year
• Steering Committee Meetings –monthly meetings for first year, bi-monthly beginning the second year or third year.
• Focus Work Group Meetings – monthly, or self-directed in frequency based on need.

​ The NOLA will meet annually. This meeting will be held to report progress related to measurement indicators.

Section 6: Focus Work Groups
There shall be five standing workgroups. The Steering Committee has the right to create other workgroups as need is determined by the partners. Each of the workgroups shall be led by one or more members of the Steering Committee which defines its composition, function, leadership, reporting mechanisms, and schedule of meetings. Workgroups will be responsible for developing the needs and requests of the NOLA partners related to their focus area. The focus groups will consist of:
   1.) Business and Economic Development
   2.) Health/Safety
   3.) Policy and Government
   4.) Transportation and Infrastructure
   5.) Natural Resources and Environmental
   6.) Workforce Development & Education

Section 7: Conduct

   A.) The NOLA Partners shall communicate with their organizations about issues and news relating to matters before the NOLA.
   B.) Participants shall conduct all business in a professional and ethical manner and give respect to the views of all in attendance.
   C.) The NOLA Partners shall act in a nonpartisan, and nonsectarian way.
   D.) The NOLA Partners shall not discriminate in any of its policies, recommendations or actions against any individual or group on

          the basis of race, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, income, or political 


Section 8: Voting
The NOLA shall take all formal actions by a simple majority vote of all eligible partners at a meeting at which a quorum is present or by electronic vote. For non-electronic voting, a quorum shall consist of one more than 30 percent (30%) of all partners, eligible to vote and present. No proxy voting is allowed.

Voting on positions/requests to present to a legislature or government agency requires a 75% affirmative vote in favor of the position/request.


Section 1: Officers
The officers of the NOLA are the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer and selected by a majority vote of the Steering Committee and shall serve a term of up to two years. The Chair or his/her designee will serve as the facilitator for all Steering Committee meetings and full Partner meetings.

Section 2: Steering Committee
The NOLA Steering Committee will lead the work of the NOLA. The Steering Committee shall consist of one representative from each Legacy Partner (see Article III, Section 1). The Steering Committee may appoint an Associate Partner to the Steering Committee by a two-thirds vote of the Steering Committee.
The NOLA shall maintain a partner agreement for each Legacy Partner and/or Steering Committee member (organization or individual) that will clearly state requirements and expectations (see Attachment 1).

     a.) Appointments: Changes to the composition of the Steering Committee will be managed by the Steering Committee by two-

           thirds majority vote.
     b.) Duties: Each Steering Committee participants shall attend steering committee meetings and when appropriate, serve as liaison

           to their organization. Committee participants shall perform their duties honestly and in good faith, serving the best interests of

           the NOLA and their Partner Organization. Committee participants shall regularly communicate about the NOLA issues and news

           with their Partner Organization.
     c.) Number and Qualifications: The number of steering committee members may vary. The Steering Committee should consist of at

           least two partners with subject matter expertise in each of the focus areas and a representative from the NOLA fiscal agent.
     d.) Term: Each representative, shall serve at the will of their Partner Organization, without limitation as to the duration of such

           service. These representatives and alternates shall serve unless removed by the organization or removed pursuant to Article

           III, Section 2, or the representative resigns. Upon any Representative’s cessation of service for any reason, the Partner

           Organization shall appoint a replacement representative.

​​      e.) Attendance: All representatives or alternates shall attend and participate in all NOLA meetings and meetings of the NOLA

           Steering committees, and serve on at least one Focus Work Group. Failure of a Legacy Partner in attending two consecutive

           Steering Committee meetings or three consecutive Work Group meetings constitutes grounds for removal by a two-thirds vote

           of the Steering Committee.
      f.) Notice of Meetings: All Steering Committee meetings will be noticed by email to all Steering Committee members at least one

           week prior to the scheduled meeting by an officer of the NOLA.
     g.) Removal of a Representative: The Steering Committee may remove a representative by a two-thirds vote of the committee

           present at a duly noticed Steering Committee meeting which has a quorum, based on a finding that the representative has

           failed to satisfy the duties described in Article III. A quorum shall consist of one more than fifty percent (50%) of all committee

           members present. The representative’s organization shall be notified in writing that a meeting is being held to determine the

           removal of the person/organization from the Steering Committee.
    h.) Decision Making: The NOLA Steering Committee shall take all formal actions, by a simple majority vote of the committee present

          at a duly notice meeting which has a quorum. A quorum shall consist of one more than fifty percent (50%) of all members

     i.) Communication: The NOLA Steering Committee will develop a comprehensive communications strategy for internal and external

          communication that will be implemented with the NOLA partners, media, elected officials, civic leaders, and stakeholders.


Section 1. Official Statements on Behalf of the NOLA
Only the person designated by the Steering Committee at a meeting of the Committee may make official statements on behalf of the NOLA, and all such statements must conform to the public record of the actions of the NOLA. Only the person designated by the Steering Committee is authorized to represent the NOLA for purposes of communicating with any governmental entity, the press, or any other person.

Section 2. Disclaimer
Whenever a Partner desires to make an oral or written statement that is not an official statement or a part of the public record or which has not been authorized, and that Partner identifies his/her affiliation with the NOLA expressly or by implication, that Partner shall include the following in the statement:
While I am a Representative/Alternate of the NOLA, the following does not in any way represent the views or position of the NOLA.

Section 3. Personal Opinions Not Restricted
Neither the NOLA nor any Partner may impose any restrictions upon the expression of personal opinions by any Partner nor shall the NOLA nor any Partner impose any sanctions upon any Partner for expressing his or her own personal opinion as a private citizen.


 Section 1: Fiscal Agent
The Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) will serve as the logistic coordinator and fiscal agent for NOLA. The Chamber will track and provide reporting to the NOLA of revenue and expenses associated with NOLA activities. The Chamber will also provide the logistics to secure meeting space, refreshments and transportation for NOLA activities. Any changes in regards to the fiscal agent shall be made by a majority vote of the Steering Committee at a duly noticed meeting with a quorum present.

Section 2: Dues
Dues required for participation as a Legacy Partner or Associate Partners will be determined annually during the budget and strategic planning process. Approval of the dues structure will be approved as part of the budgeting/strategic planning process. It is the desire of NOLA that the due structure would not prohibit persons from participating and being an active part of NOLA.

Section 3: Fiscal Year
The NOLA fiscal year will be July 1 to June 30 annually. Changes to the fiscal calendar shall be made by a majority vote of the Steering Committee at a duly noticed meeting with a quorum present.


This charter may be amended, repealed, or new a new charter adopted by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of voting representatives at any duly noticed Steering Committee meeting or at a special Steering Committee meeting called for that purpose with a quorum present. No amendment or new charter may be voted upon until it has been distributed in writing to the Representatives and one meeting has occurred for discussion and questions.