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Founded in September 2015, the Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) is an innovative non-profit company whose mission is to lead and grow a composite recycling industry that diverts carbon fiber scrap that is destined for landfill, and turns it into value-added products. Since carbon fiber is stronger than steel with 75% less weight, the product applications in segments like transportation, aerospace and high performance sporting goods are boundless. The CRTC will accomplish its mission through direct product manufacturing, by providing technical design services, and by making low-cost recycled carbon fiber feedstock available for other manufacturers to utilize.

The CRTC’s start-up has been made possible by the Port of Port Angeles that pioneered the concept of composite recycling in Clallam County. The Port obtained grant support from Clallam County, Washington State's Clean Energy Fund, and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to complete CRTC’s facility.

CRTC In The News: Pickleball Central and The Composite Recycling Technology Center Announce The Launch Of The World’s First Portable Pickleball Net Made With Recycled Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

The new clean energy technology center houses both Peninsula College’s Advanced Manufacturing – Composites Technology program and the Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC). The co-location allows students the opportunity to participate in a real-world manufacturing environment ranging from research and design to production and product testing. This program prepares students for the wide-ranging field of composite structure fabrication and repair. Students also learn applicable CNC machining and non-destructive testing skills.

Composite Recycling

Technology Center (CRTC)

 Sequim is Home to the World’s Most Environmental Board Factory


Mervin Manufacturing is the leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding, surfing, skiing and skateboarding products and home of Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy and Bent Metal. Built at the world’s most environMENTAL zero hazardous waste producing factory by the people who ride them. In an industry where virtually every other company has moved production to China or offshore, Mervin is the longest running and last major board factory in the USA.

A Role in the Global Composites Industry

Peninsula College Offers Advanced

Manufacturing - Composites Technology

Port Angeles To Lead in New

Composite Recycling Technology 

(Port of Port Angeles) The Composite Manufacturing Campus consists of three 25,000-square-foot buildings to complement the existing composite industry tenants currently leasing over 140,000 square feet in five buildings. Its anchor tenant is the Composites Recycling Technology Center, a flagship example of successful partnership with the Port. 

Washington State is quickly becoming a leader in advanced composites manufacturing
​Composites provide unique benefits over traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, wood or concrete. These include: lightweight, high strength, long term durability, and high electrical strength in industries such as marine, energy, automotive, aerospace and sports and recreation. The American Composites Manufacturers Association has a wealth of information on this growing market, as well as the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.